IT Consulting and Managed IT Services by Network Solutions

IT Consulting and Managed IT Services by Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a well known company that has help thousands of clients in last couple of years to find IT solutions regarding networking and other IT related services.

If you are going through a tough time because of the IT related changes your company has to implement and you don’t know anyone who is not only reliable and trustable but also cost efficient then Network Solutions could be the one you are looking for. For example Microsoft has discontinued support for one of its most popular OS Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that means this particular operating system is no longer secured.

It also means you could be forced by the law to upgrade your hardware and software depending on your company’s nature. If your company falls under HIPAA Compliance then there is no way you can operate with outdated software like Windows Server 2003. This is just a simple example as software could be easily upgraded if you have the compatible hardware but some other IT solutions like network solutions are not that easy to implement.

Network Solutions is a well known name in the industry as this particular company is known for delivering IT services and solutions with superior support and at reasonable prices. Network Solutions provides almost every service that your company might need; that includes troubleshooting and IT problem solving, hardware installation, maintenance and support, on-site support, security solutions, server installation and networking solutions like installation of networking equipment like Cisco Switches.

Are there different types of switches?

In case you are wondering what type of networking equipment your company needs, there are usually two main types of switches; managed switches and unmanaged switches. Managed switches allow users to access their internal program and configure them according to their requirements and preferred configurations; although this type of switches is relatively expensive but they offer flexibility over your network traffic.

The other type of switches is called unmanaged and as the name suggests this type does not allow users to make changes and they work out of the box. Most of the home networking equipments and switches are unmanaged because an average person has no idea how to configure these things and how to change their default behavior. However, on organizational and corporate level, managed switches and networking equipments are preferred.

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